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CPHD is live on Steam now!!!

Here is the new trailer made for the Steam's release.

Important News

Here are the latest developments of the project
"Crouching Pony, Hidden Dragon" (CPHD for short).

When the chips aren’t strong it all goes wrong…

As we explained previously, we discovered a
problem with one of the electronic components
of the AES and MVS cards during hardware tests
in February and March.
A long search was required to isolate the root
cause of the issue but we are now very close to
a completely stable solution. We ended up needing
to modify the layout of each of the four circuit
boards and also switch to a different set of
soldering tools.
The precision required for soldering Surface-Mounted
Components (SMCs) requires the use of computer-controled
machinery which is very expensive to rent and even to
program. We must therefore be absolutely certain of the
result before we resume the production of the cards.
Given our size and resources we are having to do all
this work ourselves, which takes time. We are really
sorry about these further delays, but be certain that
we’re doing everything we can to finish production as
soon as possible and to get these cartridges to you.
Thank you for all for being so patient and for the
confidence you’ve placed in us: with your help the
first brand-new batch of NEO-GEO cartridges in 10
years should soon be rolling off the production line!

CPHD: full steam ahead!

In the meantime CPHD will see new life on a
different platform: Valve’s Steam.
Allow us to explain. During our most recent set
of playtests in October 2013, organized in collaboration
with NEKO (our publishing partner for PC Games/Consoles),
a member of Valve was able to try the game. He was so
impressed that he immediately asked us to bring CPHD to PC.
We agreed to this on two conditions:
• The first was that it should be the same game in all
respects, without any modification,
• The second was to wait until we had shipped the NEO-GEO
to the fans who have believe in us from the beginning.
These negotiations all took place before Christmas 2013,
before we started running into production problems, so we
had every reason to believe we’d be shipping the cartridges
long before July 2014. We thus agreed to a July 14th release
date for the PC version, and Valve agreed to provide us
with front-page visibility during the launch week.
Fast-forward to the present day and, despite the production
problems, we have decided to go ahead with the Steam release:
a studio of our size just can’t afford to miss such an
opportunity in terms of visibility, especially since the game
has been validated without passing through Greenlight.
See you soon for more news,

The Ninja Pony Team

Interview by Pix'n Love

2014 starts well, Pix'n Love devotes
a 8 pages to CPHD in its latest issue

Pix'n Love #24

Happy New Year

To celebrate this new year, we are releasing
a playable demo of CPHD featuring "The Mercant".

Click here to Download the demo

Interview by Premiere

Click here to read the article

A new article on the Website
about CPHD.

An Extra life for the Pony

Last saturday at 1:35 PM on Nolife,
an episode of Extra Life have been
entirely dedicated to the Ninja Pony
universe! You can watch the TV show here:

Click here to see the show

The promotional period is over!

Our shop have been updated with a new
price for the Collector edition.
The regular edition of CPHD and
Combo vinyl/CD game OST are now available.

Last day for the special offer!!

Last chance for Neo-Geo Collectors to buy
the limited edition CPHD pack at standard
edition prices! This is an offer too good
to refuse!
Enter the world of Ninja Pony.

Limited Edition pack includes
- 1 Kit MVS / AES
- 1 Hard Box
- 1 Cover AES Japanese
- 1 Cover MVS Japanese
- 1 Cover AES US
- 1 Cover MVS US
- 1 Instruction manual
- 1 Collector Box
- 1 Art Book
- 1 Poster
- 3 Post cards
- 1 Figurine of Pony and Bikini
- 1 Instruction for Diorama
- 1 Combo Vinyl/CD Original Sound Track

Interview LE CORTEX english subtitled

The same interview than previously
but with english subtitled integrated.

New Screenshots

let's start!

Taste the Crabitain

In the Navy...

Time to shop some stuff

Sensei doesn't like Whale's vomit!

Stay away from Mecastaline

Don't plug your fingers into the plug!

How to make a Unicorn


Love boat :)

Interview by the French
online newspaper: Le Monde

"Le Monde is one of the most important and widely
respected newspapers in the world." (Encyclopædia Britannica)

Interview LE CORTEX english subtitled

The same interview than previously
but with english subtitled integrated.

Interview LE CORTEX

An interview of the studio LE CORTEX
about Crouching Pony, Hidden Dragon.

CPHD cutscene Stage 17

After, a pixel make-up session,
The Crabtain and NinjaPony meet each other..

Memory card prototype is out

The prototype is ready to be immersed its resin bath !

Making of pixel art illustration

Hayaku programmer

Its name says it all:
This programmer is definitely the fastest gun in the West!

Memory card project is ready for production!

This Resin molded 32ko memory card will be
available for free for all the early buyers :)
It features a notification led and is batteryless.
It lasts forever!

And then there was Light!

What would be a floating casino without the
sun passing through the windows?

This is polish time for the background

Final work on background.
Trying to make the best of our 16 colors palette!

The poster of the collector edition has arrived

As soon as it arrived it had to be hung up!

Kit AES/MVS update

Because a picture is worth a thousand words:
Here is the concept with images.

The kit "AES/MVS" is composed of 4 PCBs
and 1 new concept cartridge.
Swapping the PCB allow you to change the cartridge's format from AES to MVS and vice versa.
Whatever the NEO-GEO system you have,
you will be able to play the game.

New enemy sprites are out

No more draft sprites for the enemies.

Pony makes a military inspection before letting them enter into the game.

The polymer figurine prototype is out

US cover

Japanese cover

Collector edition

Gameplay Video

Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon is a Shoot-em up / RPG hybrid exclusive for Neo-Geo. Play the adventure alone or with a friend.
Confront hordes of ninjas, shaolins, geishas into intense fights, Collect money to upgrade your weapons and equipment, and finally earn your immortality.

Game Features

- Unique artistic graphic style
- New and innovative gameplay
- Upgradable weapons and equipment
- 23 missions over 7 huge different maps
- 7 epic boss fights
- 61 568 779 shurikens
- 1 bikini

Hardware Specifications

- Kit (MVS/AES)
- 1 576 megabits
- 256 megabits of amazing musics and sounds
- Custom made PCB
- Custom made HardBox

Game Pack

Regular Edition

- 1 Kit MVS / AES
- 1 Hard Box
- 1 Cover AES Japanese
- 1 Cover MVS Japanese
- 1 Cover AES US
- 1 Cover MVS US
- 1 Instruction manual

Bonus Collector Edition

- 1 Collector box
- 1 Artbook
- 1 Poster
- 3 Postcards
- 1 Figurine of Pony and Bikini
- 1 Instruction of how to build your Ninja Pony diorama
- 1 CD with the original Soundtrack


Fond of retrogaming, we try to preserve the videogame legacy. This is why we decided to design a new kind of cartridge and box to avoid the sacrifice of previous existing ones.
In a concern of equity, we wanted to create a multistandard cartridge so that all Neo-Geo owners can enjoy our games on the medium of their choice without having to buy a second time the same game.

Kit MVS / AES consists of 4 PCB's that you can assemble and disassemble easily with a simple screwdriver.



A one-eyed biped Ninja Pony master of the kick in the butt.


A gifted warrior and master of provocative dancing!

Intro movie


Title screen

Guess where is the Pony?

In the Navy...

Float of Fighters

Treasure of the Carribean :)

Click here to go to the shop

Preorder now and receive the Collector Edition
for the same price as the Standard Edition.